Large SINGLE BOWL Cocktail Machine Hire
$180.00 / DAY - Pickup

What's Included...

  • Suitable for 10 - 35 Guests
  • Makes up to 85 standard drinks (200ml)
  • 1 Free Cocktail Syrup Flavour from our range (see below for cocktail recipes)
  • Easy to use
  • No Additives
  • Delivered, Installed and cleaned
  • *Alcohol Not Included
  • Great for Kids Parties 


With an extensive range of flavours our Cocktail Machines will provide you with mouth-watering alcoholic and non-alcoholic recipes to choose from. We can create the perfect cocktails and mocktails for any occasion. Whether you’re having an adult party or even a kid’s party, we have recipes for all events. Our non-alcoholic slushies have no additives, so they are ideal for kids’ parties. And the kids love them.

Our large single tub cocktail machine holds the same amount of liquid as one bowl of our large twin tub cocktail machine. It will hold up to 12 litres of frozen mix.

To operate the single tub machine, pour in two litres of syrup and 8 litres of water. Then turn the machine on. It will take around 40 – 60 minutes to freeze up. It may take longer on really hot days but once ready, it will certainly be worth the wait. After the mix has frozen, you can then add your alcohol.

All The Favourite Kids Flavours ( Non Alcoholic ) include: Blue Lemonade, Tropical, Cola, Lime, Raspberry, Lemon, Strawberry.

Cocktail Recipes

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your Cocktail Syrup mixes made with Fresh Fruit?
Do you have different size frozen Cocktail Machines?
Yes. We have 3 Sizes to choose from, Large 2 bowl, Large Single Bowl and Small twin bowl Cocktail Machines
Do i have pay a deposit to book your equipment?
No, you can pay by Credit Card, EFT or Cash on the day of delivery
How long does it take for the cocktail mix to freeze?
We recommend the cocktail slushy machine be turned on 50 minutes prior to your function start time.
Are your frozen Cocktail slushy machines easy to use?
Yes. Simply add 8 litres of water into each bowl and 2 Litres of Cocktail Syrup with any alcohol as required.
Do i need to provide any ice or bottles of mix?
No ice is needed! The cocktail Machine is designed to freeze your mix once switched on.
Do i need to call and confirm my Booking?
No. Our delivery driver will contact you after 8.00pm on the Thursday prior to the function date, regarding Delivery & Pick-up details. If you haven't been contacted by Friday, please call us on 1300 888 581 on the Friday morning.
Do you supply alcohol?
What payment methods do you accept?
Credit card -EFT Electronic Funds Transfer - or Cash. There will be a surcharge of 3% on credit cards.
Is there a Delivery and Setup Charge?
Not usually, unless you are located outside of our Free Delivery area where there may be a Delivery charge. You will have an opportunity to check this during checkout.
Do I have pay a bond to hire your equipment?
No bond is required.